Software engineer

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product manager

Hey, my name is Navroze Mishra and I love building products. Products that add value to businesses and delight users. Based out of Washington DC Metro Area, Iā€™m currently pursuing my Masters in Information Systems with focus on Data Analytics and Product Management. My specific areas of interest lie on the crossroads of Business, Computer Science and Digital Media.

For the past 3 years, I have devoted most of my time developing new products and scaling them to an enterprise-level. I believe that the best products are driven by combining user research with data insights. It is this thought that drives me to constantly explore better ways to exploit data. You can read more about my projects and failed experiments in Data Science at the personal blog space.

When not working on products, coding or building presentations, you can find me exploring the museums of DC, sipping coffee at a nearby cafe or playing basketball at the local recreation center.





I worked with Navroze as a co-founder of UMDLocalHousing.com where he demonstrated excellent strategic skills to help the team develop and launch the product. He has a knack for putting customers at the center of his decisions and translate their requirements into tangible features. With a strong technical background and ability to interpret user trends, his contributions to any Product Team he leads would be invaluable.
— Pranay Pant